Das Tagebuch von Dr. Marbury dokumentiert, dass Claire Underwood am 14. August 1986 eine Schwangerschaftsberatung bei Dr. Marbury durchführen lassen hat. Gemäß des Tagebuchs bestätigte er ihr an diesem Tag ihre Schwangerschaft.


"August 14, 1986

A young woman came into the office today for a consultation. She declined to use her last name when setting the appointment and insisted on paying cash, but I recognized her as Claire Underwood right away. Her husband is running for Congress in Arnold and Ganet's district and the campaign commercials run all day here.

I confirmed the pregnancy and began to ... inform, but she had come to a conclusion already. She said she'd heard (...) "(...)" and told me that she was not able to have a child at this time. (...)"